Welcome to the beer makers of Pfungstadt.

As the largest private brewery in Hesse, we assume responsibility for and endorse the responsible consumption of alcohol in accordance with legal regulations. We must therefore ask you the following question:



The cellar beer.

No filter: unfiltered, natural, original. An aromatic vollbier, which creates a pleasantly rich mouthfeel with its yeast notes and subtle fruitiness.

Category: Vollbier
Original gravity: 12.3% (12 °P)
Alcohol content: 5.1% vol.

Recommended with: Soups, cold platters, canapés, pasta, aromatic roasts, vegetarian dishes, poultry

No filter: unfiltered, natural, original.


The regional original.

Honest and full of character, this hazelnut-coloured regional beer radiates from the glass with a light sandy colour. Fresh and full-bodied, this beer leaves an aroma of roasted malt on the tongue and gives off a hint of fresh straw and nutmeg.

Category: Vollbier
Original gravity: 12.5% (12 °P)
Alcohol content: 5.3% vol.

Recommended with: Grilled meat, aromatic roasts, strong stews, antipasti, cheese boards, bitter dark chocolate

Full-bodied and rustic – our regional original.

Natur Radler

Naturally delicious.

The natural, crispy fresh hints of lemon coupled with the slightly malty aroma of pale beer create a pleasantly balanced taste.

Category: Beer mix beverage
Alcohol content: 2.6% vol.

Recommended with: Pasta salad, grilled vegetables, bratwurst and steak, mild cheese variants

Refreshingly natural – naturally refreshing.

UR Weizen

With spelt malt.

Full-bodied and original yet remarkably smooth, this thrice-malted wheat beer specialty gives off a real fireworks display of aromas. Yellow as straw as per the proper style, and naturally cloudy of course, it has a fruity aroma. The wheat beer for true connoisseurs.

Category: Vollbier
Original gravity: 12.4% (12 °P)
Alcohol content: 5.3% vol.

Recommended with: Grill specialties, poultry and fish dishes, tapas, cheese boards

Thrice malted – first-class brewing art with spelt malt.


Seductively dark.

Extraordinarily mild in taste, but full-bodied in character. Fairy-tale sweet and gentle roasted malt aromas surrounded by light walnut notes that tempt you into your dreams.

Category: Vollbier
Original gravity: 12.3% (12 °P)
Alcohol content: 5.3% vol.

Recommended with: Stews, aromatic roasts, grilled vegetables, cheese, chocolate desserts, nut cake

Seductive – our darkest brewing secret