Welcome to the beer makers of Pfungstadt.

As the largest private brewery in Hesse, we assume responsibility for and endorse the responsible consumption of alcohol in accordance with legal regulations. We must therefore ask you the following question:


Unfiltered Shandy

Naturally delicious.

The natural, crispy fresh hints of lemon coupled with the slightly malty aroma of pale beer create a pleasantly balanced taste. Gets the mood going!

Category: Beer mix beverage
Alcohol content: 2.6% vol.

Recommended with: Pasta salad, grilled vegetables, bratwurst and steak, mild cheese variants

Simply delicious!

Unfiltered Shandy Grapefruit

Tangy Refreshment.

Fruity, delightfully tangy grapefruit lemonade meets full-bodied lager, blending to create a fresh summer beer for anyone who loves the sweet, tart taste of summer. The perfect alternative to a soft drink!

Category: Beer mix beverage
Alcohol content: 2.5% vol.

Recommended with: Noodle salad, grilled foods, salads, appetizers

Not too sweet and not too sour – the perfect summer drink!

Unfiltered shandy non-alcoholic

Non-alcoholic freshness.

Our non-alcoholic Radlershandy will make you want more: with no added sugar! Zesty, fresh limes and lemons together with a light, fruity tartness, and a tangy hoppy bitterness. For all those who like it a little less sweet.

Category: Non-alcoholic beer mix beverage
Alcohol content: < 0.5% vol.

Recommended with: Canapés, light fish dishes, pulses, vegetable mixes, white meat, cream cheese mixes

100% shandy, 0% alcohol – ideal for cycling on summer days!