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Brewering tradition since 1831

Great taste for more than 180 years

Here you will learn everything about Hesse’s most historic brewery. The brewery was already delivering beer all over Hesse 200 years ago, as well as Baden, the Rhineland and the Palatinate region. Not long after that, Pfungstädter was sold almost all over Germany, and exported to many parts of the world. You will find vivid brewing history with great pictures and key information about your visit to the Pfungstädter Brewery here.

Justus Hildebrand founded the brewery 1831

The brewery moves to Pfungstadt 1846

Pfungstädter starts exporting to Africa, America, Australia, China, Europe and the Middle East 1867

The brewery builds its own malthouse 1868

Installation of the breweries own ice-machine. 1872

Subsidiaries in Berlin, Kassel, Hannover and more 1887

The new Pfungstädter Brewhouse 1908

Industrial automation of bottling at the Pfungstädter Brewery 1934

Upgrading to new loading docks and bigger warehouse 1960

Construction of new fermentation and storage tanks 1990

Pfungstädter brand re-launch 2003

Pfungstädter starts brewing its own Weizen 2008

Installation of a new 5L keg filling system 2013

The new “Bauer Limo”, 100% non-alcoholic 2015

The story of the brewery starts in 1831 in Gernsheimer Strasse 82 in Pfungstadt-Hahn, when Justus Hildebrand opened the inn “Zum Hirsch” with its own house brewery, It quickly became well-known that they served a quite special beer in the “Hirsch” in Hahn. But Justus Hildebrand quickly recognised that he needed deep, cool cellars to produce the bottom-fermented beer he preferred, which he couldn’t build in Hahn because of the high water table. So in 1846, he re-located his brewery to Pfungstadt. At the time, production amounted to around 200 hectolitres.

Because of the high level of demand for malt, they built their own malthouse on the site in 1868. In the following years, Justus bought one of the first ice machines available in Germany, driven by a powerful steam engine, which can still be admired in the brewery’s historic machine house. The brewery quickly became well-known for its beer in other regions – there were sales outlets all over Germany, plus subsidiaries in Berlin, Hanover and Kassel. On the international stage, the “Pilsener Style Pfungstädt Beer” has won numerous awards and is exported to many different countries. A document from 1873 shows a shelf-life certificate from the Imperial German Vice Consul about the immaculate quality of the Pfungstädter beer after a three month ship voyage.

In the following years, beer production at the brewery increased and the company grew. In 1884 a company health scheme was set up for the employees, who numbered 99 by then. Not long after that, the company got its own railway connection, so that they could transport the beer more quickly for export. The beer was delivered throughout the region by horse-drawn carriages – at times up to 50 heavy horses were used for this at the Pfungstädter brewery.

There have been many new developments over the course of more than 180 years of history at the Pfungstädter brewery – numerous delicious beer specialities and beer mixes, which have appealed to the taste of a wide variety of beer lovers. But one thing has always stayed the same: The original recipe for bitter-fresh Pfungstädter beer, which is passed on from one generation of master brewers to the next. If he were still alive, this is how Justus Hildebrand would still brew his beer.