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Brewed according to the German Purity Law from 1516

Best Ingredients – Barley. Water. Hops.

The Pfungstädter Brewery is right at the source! The source for fresh, low-sodium water. With two of it’s own fountains Pfungstädter has exclusive access to the famous Odenwald spring water reservoir at the Odenwald “GEO-NATURPARK”, a protected Nature Park in South Hesse. Independent research institutes have repeatedly confirmed the great mineral water quality. In short: The perfect brewing water! The water is one of the important factors when it comes to our outstanding Pilsener taste. Just like the special yeast that we cultivate ourselves. Thanks to a unique ventilation process we always keep a vital yeast strain with perfect fermentation attributes. Equally important is the excellent hops we use for our beers. Our hops come exclusively from the world famous Hallertau region in Bavaria. It is the largest hop producing area in the world.


Pfungstädter Malt

Quality that is good for the region

We only use the best 2-row spring barley – exclusively from local farmers in Hesse. Our selected partners have strictly committed themselves to controlled farming and gentle processing. That is not only environmentally friendly but also gives our customers the certainty of great quality. The many loyal Pfungstädter consumers approve of our quality every day. Just like our “Geprüfte Qualität Hessen” (Proof of Quality of Hesse) certificate of origin. Quality controls from the field though bottling guarantee perfect transparency and security for the consumer. This “GQH” seal stands for product quality far beyond the legal standards.


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